1.The blog, “nichinichiro” that previously had been published on
WordPress prepared to release again on WordPress.

2.Before releasing again the blog “nichinichiro”, at first I had been trying to build an independent server its own. However, as a site administrator, when I think the duty of security to many readers of this blog, the risk of an independent server its own was too large, I didn’t adopt it this time.

3.Therefore, this site is been releasing, using a rental server of the major as telecommunications company.

4.As a blog administrator, I’m paying scrupulous attentions to security.
Dear friends, please be paying enough attention to security. I would be hoping to receive many friendly comments such as impressions and opinions. I’m thanking very much your visits.

July 1, 2017
Site administrator

a distant view (Boso direction, Tokyo Bay)

Hello world!